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A Lesson from Luis Barragan

Luis Barragan is not only the most recognised architect in Mexico but also it is considered to be one of the most influential architects in the world. This project takes the Luis Barragan house and studio in Mexico City as a case study in order to identify the underlying principles behind the design of his own house and applied them into new projects without replicating Barragan’s architecture. Barragan, himself said don’t do what I did, see what I saw.


We redraw the house in order to fully understand it.

Identified the transition between spaces.

The relationship to the garden and sky.

The manner in which he managed openings.


Once we understand the strategies behind his architecture we can then apply the same principles to our own project even if our architecture is different in form, material or colours.

Our new project is a house for 3 students and a family where there is a separate entry and spaces for the family and students.

We applied the same underlying principles to those on the Luis Barragan house and studio.