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Chicago Competition

“Imagine a housing revolution that understands place, avoids standardization and implements an organic strategy that adapts to the existing conditions. With buildings that are socially inclusive, financially and environmentally sustainable. Where financial stress is alleviated and people could choose in which area to live. Where real estate speculation would not flourish due to the implementation of Covenants that will ensure affordability is passed on at re-sale. Our vision can positively impact the urban environment, and promote better health and social well being by not only focusing on affordable homes but rather on building sustainable communities allowing people to connect through shared activities and homes designed to reduce ongoing maintenance costs. We aim to contribute back to the local urban fabric through the creation of active street frontages, sharing the backyard, a better pedestrian experience for passers-by through tenancies and pocket parks offering different activities creating a sense of community rather than a suburb. For Chicago as the project is very low density we are suggesting to have a two flat structure with tenancies on Ground. The residents will decide if they want an income flat at the back, would like to setup their business there or lease these tenancies out to create wealth. The services can range from Childcare centres to Beauty Salons. The backyard will function as a semi private park for the community open during business hours. A rooftop is also proposed, as it will encourage social interaction for the residents. Interaction desperately needed in places like Bronzeville.”