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Rural Habitat exhibition at Customs House Sydney was supported by the following organisations. We would like to express our immense gratitude to all the people who have believed in our project and have contributed to the making of this exhibition :

Media wall technical assistance: Peter Murphy
Media wall design: Jacob Smeke Levy
Watercolours: Mike G. Counahan + Taller Aldaco 4
Models: Antoinette Cano
3d print models: Isaac Smeke Jaber
Photography: Pablo Salazar Solis + Isaac Smeke Levy
Video Editions: Pamela Orozco
Cubby house: USYD architecture faculty/atsc + Melinda Wimborne + Cailin Maas + USYD

Architecture students with special thanks to:
Elise Joy Vollugi
Virginia Lui
Katherine Bylett
Tifanny LiewJ
un Yi Ong
Jun Ming
Rio Murase
Hao Qi Gong ( Alison)
Yuxiao Wang ( Natalie)
Susana Alarcon
Stephanie Gottis-Graham
Ashhar Ateeq Khan
Jonathan Irawan
Shuang Wu